My consulting focuses on the economics of information technology, industries related to information technology, and issues related to the economics of consumer behavior or product demand.  The types of cases I have worked on in the past include:

  • Patent Damages assessment in patent litigation for operating systems software, e-commerce systems, network hardware, microprocessors, memory devices, communications equipment, mobile devices and embedded systems.  (Representative cases:  Stragent v. Intel, WARF v. Apple)
  • Consumer Damages from fraud, false advertising, or product misrepresentation in laptop computers, software, as well as other consumer products outside the IT industry.   Many of these are consumer class actions.  (Representative Case:  Kelley et. al. v. Microsoft).
  • Antitrust Issues in software and consumer electronics. (Representative Case:  In Re TFT-LCD (flat panel) Antitrust Litigation)
  • IT Industry Practices relating to enterprise software, security software, database software and development tools
  • IT Project Problems in a number of industries including data providers, grocery, hotels, and customer support providers.

I currently serve as a Senior Advisor to Cornerstone Research.