My consulting focuses on the economics of information technology, industries related to information technology, and issues related to the economics of consumer behavior or product demand.  The types of cases I have worked on in the past include:

  • Patent Damages assessment in patent litigation for operating systems software, e-commerce systems, network hardware, microprocessors, memory devices, communications equipment, mobile devices and embedded systems.  (Representative cases:  Stragent v. Intel, WARF v. Apple)
  • Consumer Damages from fraud, false advertising, or product misrepresentation in laptop computers, software, as well as other consumer products outside the IT industry such as automobiles, trucks, all-terrain vehicles, pet food, appliances and beauty products.   Many of these are consumer class actions.  (Representative cases:  Kelley et. al. v. Microsoft, Callaway et. al. v. Mercedes-Benz, various cases related to “Clean Diesel” litigation).
  • Antitrust Issues in software and consumer electronics. (Representative Case:  In Re TFT-LCD (flat panel) Antitrust Litigation)
  • IT Industry Practices relating to enterprise software, security software, database software, media creation and development tools.
  • IT Project Problems in a number of industries including data providers, grocery, hotels, government services and customer support providers.

I currently serve as a Senior Advisor to Cornerstone Research.