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Mini case: Crypto Exchanges (Coinbase / Binance / FTX)

Versioning/Info Goods (1-19-23)

Extra (late addition) Minicase:  Tesla price drop.  You may have heard (almost impossible not to) that tesla dropped their price.  Here is a typical article about the price drop Links to an external site..  Look at tesla’s order page Links to an external site.(for the Model Y) and see if you can think of reasons why this might or might not make sense. 

Minicase:  We will will discuss Docusign as a motivating example. They appear to be growing but had some recent management upheaval.  Take a look at this article (and perhaps the Docusign site if you don’t know what they do) and think about how this relates to what we are discussing:

Bundling (1-24-23)

Mini-Case:  Streaming Services (this also relates to today’s 2-page memo):  Bloomberg:  Streaming is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Cable TV Links to an external site.(August, 2022)

Adverse Selection (1/26)